Water and Sanitation


  As part of its integrated health program, AMURT is systematically providing clean drinking water throughout its project area. This is a necessity as many villages still depend on unsafe sources of water that may spread disease.


Since 2011, AMURT has assisted more than 150 communities to access safe water for the first time through its borehole program. Since 2018, many of the boreholes have been drilled in partnership with the Rotary Club of Abakaliki with support from Rotary Foundation.


The water and sanitation (WASH) program has a participatory element, as do all AMURT programs. After assessing and identifying suitable locations for the WASH program, AMURT conducts a one-day sensitization program for the whole community. On this day, the villagers elect twelve men and women to be their Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Committee (WASHCOM). They also identify the preferred location for the drilling of the borehole. The WASHCOM training covers maintenance and repair of boreholes, and each village gets a toolbox with all tools necessary for borehole repair. The training also covers protection of water sources, hygiene and sanitation, and critical health issues like family planning, female genital mutilation and Lassa fever.


All the beneficiary villages are expected to contribute financially to the program by paying 5 % as a local counterpart.