Safe Motherhood


AMURT wants motherhood to be safe for all women, especially those living in remote and neglected rural areas. Hence, AMURT has established a reputable maternal health program in hard-to-reach areas of Ebonyi state.

AMURT wants mothers to feel secure knowing that they and their babies have the best services available especially during birth and the immediate period thereafter. Hence, AMURT provides round-the-clock services, close monitoring of high risk cases, well-equipped and well-staffed facilities, and support for obstetric complications.

AMURT has prioritized making comprehensive antenatal services available in the rural areas, with good results. In three of the health centers, for example, attendance reaches over 200 women, requiring the presence of three doctors. Moreover,

the number of new antenatal bookings rose by 47% in 2018.


AMURT has five portable ultrasound machines as part of its program to identify women who are at high risk of complications and then to follow up to ensure a safe delivery.

During antenatal days, all the mothers are tested for malaria, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, syphilis (VDRL), and HIV, and receive a urinalysis. AMURT staff also test for hemoglobin and determine the blood group. Other lab tests are done on indication. AMURT also provides family planning counseling, as well as routine drugs, tetanus vaccine, and preventive treatment for malaria, including mosquito nets.


In 2018, the number of health facility deliveries assisted by AMURT rose to 3484, a 51 % increase from 2017. News about the high quality care at AMURT’s facilities is spreading, resulting in the percentage of deliveries from outside the project area nearly doubling from 20 % to 38 %.  In 2018, Odeligbo Health Center lead the way with 847 deliveries, including 65 cesarean sections, making it the fourth busiest health facility in the entire Ebonyi State.


Antenatal Care

2018 % of Health Center VS Home Births

(for project areas only)

AMURT now has 11 resident midwives in nine AMURT assisted health centers providing essential round-the-clock care.  To encourage women to deliver at the health centers, AMURT provides free services if women live in the project area, and attend antenatal days and support group meetings. 1926 mothers benefited from free delivery services in 2018.

193 deliveries, or 5.6 % of total births, were referred to tertiary hospitals due to complications. In addition, 192 deliveries, or 5.5 % of all births, were done by caesarean section, including 65 cesarean sections performed in the AMURT-assisted facility at Odeligbo.