Commissioning of New Health Centre Building at Oluanwu

On 26th September, 2019, AMURT commissioned a new building at Oluanwu health center in Ebonyi Local Government. This health center was first opened by AMURT in August 2018 in a building that the community had started to construct. That first building, completed by AMURT, has now become the staff quarters, and the new building, the health center.

Over 400 people attended the commissioning, including the Hon’ble Commissioner for Health, Dr. Daniel Umezurike, the Executive Secretaries of the Primary Healthcare Agency and State Health Insurance Programme, and the Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Grants and Donor Agencies. AMURT’s partner agencies, MSF and Heath Policy Plus, also participated.

The 21 staff (including two doctors and two lab scientists), along with the management committee members and 40 trained health promoters were all introduced to the gathering. As if this was not enough to impress the attendees about the strength of AMURT’s rural model for primary and maternal healthcare, 100 women were also attending the antenatal clinic that is well equipped with two ultrasound machines.

On 5th October, 2019 AMURT Foundation had a meeting at Government House with the Governor David Nweze Umahi.  The meeting was held in the EXCO chamber and most of the State Executive Committee, along with other key persons close to the Ebonyi State Government were present.  The AMURT Team was lead by AMURT Global Director Peter Sage from our Global Coordinating Office in Washington DC, USA.   The meeting was arranged by the Ebonyi State Ministry of Grants and Donor Agencies.   AMURT was able to give a Powerpoint presentation highlighting our achievements since our arrival in 2010.  The Governor received the AMURT Team graciously and expressed his appreciation.  In particular he highlighted AMURT’s work to extend primary healthcare to the remote rural parts of the state.  He urged AMURT to continue to extend its programs to more rural areas, and pledged all cooperation from the State Government.  The Governor also instructed that the Local Government Chairmen should see to the rehabilitation of the roads leading to the AMURT assisted rural health centers.  It was a good outing, and we hope it will bring closer partnership between AMURT and the Ebonyi State Government.