Ambulance Referral and EmergencyAssistance


In the rural areas, when medical emergencies occur, transport is hard to find.  Therefore, AMURT has provided six health centres with ambulances and drivers on call around the clock.

The main referral centers are FETHA (Federal Teaching Hospital Abakaliki) and St. Vincent, Ndubia. Complicated surgery cases are referred to UNTH Enugu.  Health workers accompany every ambulance referral to assist the families with registration, medical tests, drugs and life-saving interventions.  AMURT doctors make follow up visits to provide support, especially for obstetric and pediatric cases. In 2018, the number of ambulance referrals rose by 38 %.  Obstetric cases made up 56 % of the total referrals.

To reduce the number of referrals, AMURT is upgrading five health enters to be able to provide secondary care, thereby reducing the danger and inconvenience of sending patients by ambulance over rough roads to the nearest referral centre.

Most people in rural Ebonyi State are farmers with few financial resources. To support their health crises, AMURT administers an emergency fund to ensure that no lives are lost due to lack of financial means. 

In 2018, the fund financed the surgeries of forty poor children. In addition, AMURT cared for thirty-seven severely malnourished children in the health centers, bringing them back to normal health. AMURT sponsored the surgical repair of four women suffering from uterine prolapse at the National Obstetric Fistula Center in Abakaliki.